Tobii Eye Tracking intro


Tobii came to me asking to create a logo animation that were going to be used as an intro for their social media videos. The main platform was Youtube, but they were also looking into Facebook, Instagram and Twitch.

Client: Tobii Eye Tracking

My role: Design & animation

Sound design: Juha Silventoinen

The challenge

The challenge was to create an intro that would work just as well with big productions for Youtube as with everyday social media content. It therefore had to be usable in 16:9 and 1:1. Tobii also creates co-branded videos, and in those cases the other brands' logos had to be incorporated into the intro as well.

The solution

The solution was to create a 6 seconds long main intro (see above) that were to be used primarily on Youtube and Twitch. For social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram a 2.5 second version was made to match the attention span on those platforms.


The main content of the intro is focused around the middle of the composition which enables it to be used in 1:1 social media videos.


Then for the co-branded videos, an extended ending was created, that could easily be added at the end of the chosen intro by the editor. 


Thank you!